Featuring your business on I BUY LOCAL is easy, straightforward and free (with no conctractual obligations).

1. I BUY LOCAL features local and independent businesses for free.

2. I BUY LOCAL showcases, promotes and markets products made and supplied by local and independent businesses as an easy and convenient alternative to Amazon or Ebay. *

3. When purchasing a product, shoppers are directed to businesses’ online shop to buy from the retailer directly.

4. Businesses are charged a small commission fee for sales made as a result of featuring on I BUY LOCAL. I BUY LOCAL continues to operate as a completely free service for local businesses due to the overwhelming support we've received since we launched in 2020.  

5. There are no contractual obligations, you are free to leave whenever you like.

*We also help build a greater sense of community by helping people get to know the people behind the business through our links with publications, subscriber's newsletters, social media and other forms of media advertising such as radio and local TV.

To feature your business on I BUY LOCAL please provide us with the following information: