Bath Abbey Pew: Three Panels 2.6m


Lovingly hand-crafted from old English oak. Designed in 1860 by the renowned Sir George Gilbert Scott. Limited stock remaining.

Bath Abbey Pews saved these pews from being lost and now offers the few remaining number for sale, completely restored, and with a Certificate of Provenance signed by Bath Abbey Rector, and Abbey plan showing each pew’s position in the church.

Pews are available in their original size, or as sympathetically reduced sizes retaining their original character and aesthetic.

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Acquire your own stunning hand-crafted Bath Abbey pew designed by the renowned Gothic architect, Sir George Gilbert Scott. Beautiful, unique and accompanied by a signed Certificate of Provenance.

Sir George Gilbert Scott’s designs for his Bath Abbey Pews were intended to reflect the majesty and significance of the building in which they would be installed.

Each piece is hand-made, crafted from English Oak and finished with two, unique, custom designs on each end of the pew. The designs reflect a number of influences on Sir Gilbert Scott and include a number of designs taken from within the abbey and based upon its stonework, memorials and stained glass windows.

Each piece was crafted, installed and remained in place until its removal between 2015 and 2018. Each is a unique treasure and memorial to a great Abbey, a great designer and a great story.


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