Bougainvillea ‘Braziliensus’ 1Ltr


This bright and beautiful bougainvillea variety, bougainvillea brasiliensis (also known as bougainvillea spectabilis), native to South America, bears bounteous deep violet flower bracts and boasts dense deep green foliage to contrast with its abundant flowers.

Like most bougainvilleas, Bougainvillea brasiliensis is a vigorous growing thorny vine which flowers all year round in warm countries, but in the UK puts on its ornamental display when in full sun during the late spring to early autumn, but needs protection from frost during the winter. This variety, however, is one of the most cold-resistant bougainvilleas available, and should maintain is lustrous foliage year-round in a protected position.

Plant in well drained soil and water deeply but infrequently – bougainvillea don’t like soggy roots! Train them on a trellis or prune into a tree shape with a single main trunk. They are best planted in a container in the UK so you can move them into a conservatory or covered porch during the height of winter.

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