Bullz Pizzle


Bulls pizzles are one of the most popular natural dog treats on the market today, a wonderful treat. They have been around for as long as we can remember, and there are good reasons for it:

  • They are 100% NATURAL, that means that you get what you see – unlike most dog treats you will find on the supermarket shelves, these bulls pizzles are totally free from artificial preservatives and colourants.
  • They are LOWER ODOUR – some pizzles on the market today can end up with you having to open your windows to ventilate the house once the bag has been opened – not ours! They are not completely odour free (I doubt your dog will like odour free pizzles), but they are not as smelly as some which can end up in an expensive bill of air fresheners. They are a clean(er) dog treat too, not making too much of a mess in the house.
  • These bulls pizzles have been PRODUCED IN THE UK, to the highest standards.

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