Fox Soft Shoes


These funky fox feet make super soft baby shoes or cool childrens slippers and will keep your little cub’s toes cosy!

With a free gift bag our funky footwear makes an ideal gift for new born babies, terrific toddlers, cruising children or kool kids.

These foxes are a pram shoe, a pre-walker, cool for crawling, safe for first steps and wicked for walking.They’re perfect for nursery, kindergarten, school or home,

There’s more too, check out these funky features:

  • Non-slip suede soles
  • A “slip-on” “stay-on” design that really works!
  • 100% cotton linings (warm in winter, cool in summer)
  • +2 years also have soft fleece insoles
  • Machine washable – now that’s handy mum!

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Medical evidence shows that when an infant learns to walk, it is actually feeling the ground through their feet. This promotes good posture and an easy walking style for the rest of their lives and our soft and flexible soled shoes are as close as you can get to being barefoot.

So, not only is our footwear funky, they can also help children develop good posture during those crucial early years when they start to take their first tentative steps!


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