Ink Gin 43.0% abv, Husk Distillers, Australia


Our colour-changing magic gin with spicy, floral tones and fresh zippy citrus.

Colour Changing Gin, 70cl. Made in Tumbulgum, Australia. 43.0% abv. Organic.

A unique, award-winning small batch Australian craft gin created by distiller Paul Messenger after being inspired by the colour changing properties of the exotic butterfly pea. It is distilled in copper pots with a range of 12 native and exotic botanicals, combined with 100% Australian grain spirit at the Husk Farm distillery. This floral gin is balanced with a spicy opening and citrusy finish, making it all round a very exciting gin!

See the magic…

Infused with butterfly pea, this gin will go from its original deep indigo hue to pink when tonic, lime, or lemon juice is added!

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