Personalised Meticulous Ink Pencils – 5 Pack


Introducing our very own personalised Meticulous Ink pencils!

This personalised 5 pack is a mixed set of all the barrel colours which you can personalise by adding a name or message! We will typeset and print it in gold foil onto your pencils. Choose from:

  • Same Message: all 5 pencils will be printed with the same text.
  • Mixed Messages: choose different text for each pencil! (Enter the message for the first pencil in the box above, then add the other messages in the  Special Instructions box at checkout.)

Then choose for left or right handed and we will set the placement of the text accordingly for optimum readability when using the pencil!

Maximum 30 characters, including spaces. You can use:

  • A to Z (uppercase only), full stop, comma, apostrophe and @ # ♥ ★

The 5 beautiful colours include Azure Blue, Watermelon Neon, Marrs Green, Citrine, and Midnight Blue. They are carefully housed in meticulous paper packaging which has been foil printed, die cut and hand folded in our shop in Bath.

The Meticulous Ink pencils are grade B, perfect for drawing, writing and lettering. Entirely made in the UK, each pencil has a hand-dipped end. They come pre-sharpened with subtle branding foil printed on the other side to your chosen text.

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*Please allow 5 working days for the creation of your personalised pencils.*


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