Wild Pines Wooden Train Set


Sustainably made from rubber wood, this set includes 30 pieces of track and 65 play pieces allowing for lots of creative layouts and endless storytelling – you’ll definitely feel that there is enough here for years of play without feeling like you need to grab extra accessories (although we have them if you need them!!!)There are masses of learning opportunities, counting, adding, stacking, engineering, fine motor skills, storytelling – and not least a lesson in forestry and tree ecology!

This wooden train set includes:

  • An engine with three carriages which hold 27 removeable small coloured logs.
  • A logging truck carrying 9 long timbers with magnetic spots.
  • A loading crane that can magnetically pick up timbers to load the truck.
  • A log pile to hold the logs.
  • A big bear and a sleeping bear.
  • A lake with magnetized boulders.
  • Three fir trees in a block which need to be rotated to make way for the oncoming train.
  • 4 cut timber logs.
  • A tree nursery with 6 trees in various stages of growth.

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